Clover House Candles is now closed

There are many factors that have influenced this decision. One is that we've made a huge loss this year. We invested a lot of money in soaps and haircare products which we put polls out for, but sadly didn't sell. We've ended up giving away our stock just to get rid of it. We've tried to grow a room spray range and expand on our existing candle and reed diffuser ranges however, the initial cost of this has set us back and with sales not being anywhere near as much as usual, this has impacted our finances greatly.

The other issue (which is my main concern) is that I'm starting to react negatively to certain fragrances. This includes making and using them as well as them being stored in our spare room/office. I've found over the last 5 or 6 months that when I'm around these certain fragrances, I'm getting allergy symptoms such as runny/itchy eyes, runny nose, itchy skin (occasionally a rash) and my breathing has been affected pretty badly resulting in becoming tight chested and breathless at times. I just thought it was down to my everyday allergies but when the anti-histamines weren't helping, I soon realised that maybe it was the fragrances I was working with. Its an awful feeling and I am reluctant to continue to put myself through it.

We've honestly (hand on heart) had the most amazing 3 years in business, providing our customers with excellent service and incredible long-lasting home fragrance. We are so, so thankful to you all and also to the wax and candle making world for helping us to grow into the business we've become.

We'll be selling the last of our products over on our Facebook page. Be quick though as they've nearly sold out!

A few companies we would highly recommend for amazing home fragrance are:

Swoon Worthy Scents - https://www.swoonworthy.co.uk/scents/

Peak House Aromas - https://peakhousearomas.co.uk/

Cosy Aromas - https://cosyaromas.com/

Its such a sad time for us here at Clover House HQ but this is the right thing for us to do.

We're so sorry its had to come to this.

Lots of love

Emma x

Director | Clover House Candles®